Bonus Audio: Clint Scoles Talks With Royals Scouting Director Lonnie Goldberg

The Royals entered the 2018 MLB Draft with more money available than any other team and loaded up on college pitching to pair with a promising group in A ball.

To discuss the picks and the Royals’ approach, Clint Scoles of Baseball Prospectus Kansas City tracked down Lonnie Goldberg, Director of Scouting for the Kansas City Royals.

They discussed how this draft group fits with what the Royals have in the system today, the development of those college pitchers and where they might add some upside, and other players who stuck out.

To hear Clint’s views on the draft with the Kansas City Baseball Vault, click here. Clint’s minor league work and draft analysis can also be found here at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City and on Twitter at @ClintScoles.

You can download this episode here (mp3).

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