Heading Home – 2019 Recap (Episode 148)

Every season during spring training, we make some predictions. Some are good, some are bad. Sometimes we’re way off. But we always go back and check how we did at the end of the year. This year is no different.

In this episode, we round third and head home as we wrap up our ninth Royals season of coverage. We have one more episode of reminiscing to do, so this is the last show where we provide share our thoughts about the 2019 Royals and what lies ahead for the team.

Next week, we’ll welcome back Chris Kamler (The Fake Ned) and Troy Olsen (Royalman) to get the band back together one more time, share some stories, and make a lot of inside jokes. The shenanigans will be high. The insight… maybe not as much. But we hope you join us anyway.

It’s been a joy to share our thoughts with you and we want to give our thanks to anyone out there who ever listened to us, downloaded a show, came out to an event, or ever sent us a message on Twitter or through email. This show has meant so much and for a bunch of talkers, it’s ironically hard to find the right words to express our thanks.

And as always…go Royals.

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