Paulo Orlando attempts to rob a home run.

The Value of Mediocre

Goals are a funny thing in baseball. I’ll always remember going on a local radio show in spring training of 2013 and being asked what would constitute a successful season for the Royals that year. My answer was a meaningful game in September. It wasn’t playoffs or a World Series or even a winning record. […]


Diamonds in the Rough 7-25-16

A 3-4 record for the affiliates after the AZL Royals were walked off on in the 12th inning Monday. HR Roll Call Hunter Dozier: 2 (21), Chris Devito (7), Michael Arroyo (2), David Edwards (6), Angelo Castellano (1) BP KC Hitter of the Day – Angelo Castellano 3-6, 2R, HR, 4 RBI BP KC Pitcher of […]


Diamonds In The Rough 7-24-16

Royals affiliates showed plenty of offense on the day, and went 4-3. The Dominican Summer League team had the day off. HR Roll Call: David Edwards (5), Nathan Esposito (1), Mike Hill (6), Ben Johnson (5), Travis Maezes (11), Meibrys Viloria (6) BPKC Hitter of the Day – Meibrys Viloria, 3-5, 2B, HR, 3 RBI […]


Diamonds in the Rough 7-23-16

A 5-3 day for the affiliates with outstanding starts at Triple-A and Double-A. HR Roll Call Alfredo Escalera (4), Xavier Fernandez (7), Marten Gasparini (7), Tanner Stanley (2), Emmanuel Rivera (2), Seuly Matias (6), Dusty Coleman (3) BP KC Hitter of the Day – Seuly Matias 2-4 2 R, HR, 3b, 3 RBI BP KC Pitcher […]

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