Friday Notes

Friday Notes

The Royals will play a baseball game tomorrow. This is not a drill. No, the game doesn’t mean anything and we’ll likely get relatively bored of spring training games in fairly short order, but that doesn’t change the fact that a baseball game will be played tomorrow between the Royals and another team. That’s darn exciting. […]


Regarding Quite a Lot of Pitchers (And Hosmer!) – BP KC Episode 45–bp-kc-episode-45.mp3 After two weeks off, we have returned to talk about a slew of signings that add depth and intrigue to the Royals’ pitching staff this spring. We discussed Seth Maness and his miracle surgery, Jason Hammel and his value, Travis Wood and Nathan Karns and the starting rotation battle, as well as youngsters Matt […]


Intentional Walk This Way

Had a minor tweet-storm the other day when it was reported that for the upcoming season, MLB would forego the process of having pitchers throw four balls when issuing an intentional walk. Now, there will just be a signal from the dugout. That’s just change for the sake of change. Seriously. Commissioner Rob Manfred is […]

Meibrys Viloria via Jared Ravich

Predicting Minor League Breakout Performers

Before we know where players will be assigned, let’s take a quick look at who may be on the verge of a breakout based on their performances one season ago. Not really a breakout candidate after last year but I expect Storm Chaser’s Hunter Dozier to improve on his solid season at Triple-A. Look to a […]


Time To Talk Extension

You knew this was going to come up, right? In the tedium of spring – after the pitchers and players report but before the exhibition games start – questions would be asked. You have to do something to pass the time. So, will the Royals extend any of their potential free agents? You know the […]

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