Cheslor Cuthbert

Roster math starts to add up to a small number

In rapid fire succession on Thursday, the Royals announced they had come to terms with their three players still on the roster eligible for arbitration. And just like that, the offseason became a little more drab. Not that there was much drama to be had anyway. All three: Cheslor Cuthbert, Brian Flynn and Jesse Hahn […]

Friday Notes

Friday Notes

I know I need to loosen up a little bit and just enjoy it, but as an adult, I just see snow as an inconvenience. But even with that in mind, I inexplicably love the pictures of a snow-covered Kauffman Stadium. I’m an enigma, what can I say? On a real baseball note, it sure […]


The 40 Man Gauntlet (BP Kansas City Episode 119) The Royals took aim at locking down their 40 man roster, purchasing the contracts of three pitchers, claiming one and designating another for assignment. As they massage the roster, they also have some arbitration offers to consider. What will be the fate of Cheslor Cuthbert, Jesse Hahn, and Brian Flynn? Is new claim Conner […]

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