MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Kansas City Royals

Searching for the bullpen solution

Hey, the bullpen was a problem for the Royals in 2018. To be fair, there were a lot of problems for the Royals. April, for example. That entire month was a problem. June was grim, too. Hell, the whole first five months of the season were wretched. Still, pointing the finger at the bullpen and […]

Dayton Moore

Keeping the rebuild on a timetable

It’s not even the middle of November and we’ve already reached the winter of our baseball discontent.  Last off season, at least we had the Eric Hosmer saga to follow. True, it had the allure of a multi-car pileup on a snowy morning (Seriously, it’s mid-November and we’re talking snow? Get me out of here.) […]

Irving Falu

Minor League Free Agent Finding

Baseball America put out a list of minor league free agents on Tuesday and while most names aren’t likely to interest people, there are quite a few names with past links to the Royals. First the Royals free agents list is the following RHP: Pedro Fernandez (AAA), Luis Hernandez (R), Yimaury Pena (R), Jose Veras (Hi A), Kyle Zimmer(AAA) LHP: Sam Selman (AAA) C: Parker Morin (AAA), Luis Villegas (AAA) […]

Jorge Soler

Royals Rumors Ready to Pop at GM Meetings

There’s a general thought around the game that this season is going to be different than last in terms of action during the offseason. With so many free agents lingering into even spring training, it seems that players will be quicker to jump at contract offers rather than holding on to them and waiting to […]


An Early Look At The Offseason (BP Kansas City Episode 117) The 2018 season is over, and we’re now starting to see some transactions and roster decisions being made. For the Royals, their 2019 team is not likely to change that much from the team that ended 2018, but there are definite opportunities to improve the team for next year and beyond. We discussed how […]

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