Dayton Moore

Moore Rebuilding

With the news centering around Dayton Moore over the past few weeks regarding the Braves general manager job, it’s been interesting to see the reactions to the possibility of him leaving. Many saw the news as the architect of the best stretch of Royals baseball in three decades potentially leaving the organization as bad news. […]

Sep 8, 2017; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera (40) pitches against the Minnesota Twins in the eighth inning at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Jumping the Market

For many years at the beginning of the Dayton Moore era, the Royals made a move pretty quickly following the season, and often it was a relatively big one. In 2013, they had a major announcement and signed Jason Vargas to a four-year deal. In 2012, they traded for Ervin Santana. In 2011, they traded […]


Changes and Uncertain Futures (BP Kansas City Episode 78) This week, we covered some 2017 Awards and the Royals who received qualifying offers (and reiterated their impact). We also looked at what’s ahead. The Royals are in transition, with players leaving, new coaches coming in, and some hints at drama behind the scenes. We knew this offseason would have some intrigue, but may […]


U.L.’s Toothpick: The Year Of The Card–Jose Offerman, 1998

It is perhaps the best tricky trivia question about Royals’ history: which player has the highest career batting average in franchise history (minimum 1,000 at-bats)? Most people, unsuspecting, would guess George Brett. Someone expecting an unusual answer might throw out Hal McRae or Mike Sweeney or someone like that. Most people probably don’t know the […]

Aug 15, 2017; Oakland, CA, USA; Kansas City Royals left fielder Alex Gordon (4) just misses catching a fly ball against the Oakland Athletics in the fourth inning at Oakland Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Projections Can Wait

I love baseball projections. A lot of people think they’re stupid because the game is played on the field and all that, but I love them. The key is to take them for what they are and that’s just that they’re another piece of the evaluation puzzle. It’s silly to get mad at a computer, […]


An Uncertain Future

The Royals are stuck. They are stuck with a general manager who most likely has interest in a similar job with another organization. They are stuck with ownership who currently doesn’t have a clear plan of their own level of involvement over the next several years. And in the most important offseason in the history […]

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