Trade Winds

With general manager Dayton Moore on the brief road trip to Detroit, he’s making the rounds speaking to the media. Naturally, the hot topic du jour is the trade deadline looming about a month from now. Will the Royals sell? Is it possible they’ll buy? You know what they say about making trade deadline assumptions […]


Speed Thrills

If you’ve been following along with the data revolution that is Statcast, you’re aware that they released a new metric on Tuesday. Sprint Speed is a measurement in terms of “feet per second in a player’s fastest one-second window.” A full explanation can be found here, but the ft/sec calculation makes sense, given that baseball […]


Instant Royals

On Sunday, May 7, the Royals closed a disastrous 3-6 homestead by losing to the Cleveland Indians by a scoreline of 1-0. Danny Duffy started and pitched a fine game, but the home side could only muster a single hit against a parade of four Cleveland pitchers. The loss, a familiar refrain, dropped the team […]


Road Warriors

A hallmark of this Royals team through the first couple months of the season was their inability to beat the lesser teams of the American League. Before they embarked on their West Coast road trip, the team held an 8-10 mark against teams with a sub-.500 record. That’s not particularly good, even with the small […]


The Juice From The Kansas City Power Company

On Wednesday in San Francisco, the Royals went 1-14 with runners in scoring position. If you didn’t know anything from the game other than that tidbit, you’d probably assume there weren’t a lot of runs provided by the Kansas City nine. Except it didn’t quite work that way. The Royals plated seven runs total. The […]


Standing Pat – For Now

Flip the calendar, head west, and the Royals turn in to some kind of offensive juggernaut. No hyperbole. Check the margins of victory since June 1: 6/2 vs Cleveland – 4 6/3 vs Cleveland – 7 6/6 vs Houston – 2 6/7 vs Houston – 2 6/10 vs San Diego – 6 6/11 vs San […]


Welcome To The Show

Left-hander Erik Skoglund was making his major league debut. The Tigers stacked their lineup with right-handed thunder. It was, simply, a rookie making his debut against a veteran lineup. On paper, it was a mismatch. Conventional wisdom held the Tigers could rip this kid to shreds. Meow. Skoglund was brilliant in his major league debut, keeping […]