Talking Offseason Blues

As we have come to be reminded over the last two Octobers, this is the most dreadful time of the baseball year. Unless your team is actually in the postseason. It’s the inertia. The void of meaningful news. We have to keep reminding ourselves that just because there isn’t any information or moves coming from […]


Money Matters

A second consecutive October without the Royals is less than ideal. At least we can start to focus on the offseason and shine a light on the business the Royals must attend as they start to formulate their Post-Core plan. It’s time to crack open the spreadsheet and talk dollars. Before we jump in, a […]


Let’s Swing, Baby!

Grip it and rip it. In baseball 2017, strikeouts are on the increase. Likewise the home run. Across the game, batters are digging in and taking their hacks. If they make contact, the exit velocity and launch angles confirm that the ball is flying out of the yard at a record clip. If they miss…well, […]