Let’s Swing, Baby!

Grip it and rip it. In baseball 2017, strikeouts are on the increase. Likewise the home run. Across the game, batters are digging in and taking their hacks. If they make contact, the exit velocity and launch angles confirm that the ball is flying out of the yard at a record clip. If they miss…well, […]


Bullpen Betrayal

What a meltdown. What a mess. The Royals bullpen lost another one on Tuesday night, a painful outcome for a team on the edge of a Wild Card race. (Let’s dispense with the fantasy this team is still in contention for the AL Central. If we’ve learned anything over these 119 games is that, while […]


Cool August

With temperatures in Kansas City that have felt more April than August, the Royals bats have similarly cooled. It’s never really fair to judge anything in baseball with monthly arbitrary end points, and it’s just as unfair to judge something on a small sample size of just seven games. Still, a trend is a trend […]


Singles Night

The Big Blue Machine rolled into Baltimore itching for a fight, but couldn’t solve a pitcher with a 6.93 ERA and were walked off into the harbor. It was the second loss on the road trip, both of which were walkoffs that were ignited by the formerly reliable Joakim Soria. It has not been a […]


Hot Like Hosmer

Mercy. The Royals have showed none in their recent demolition of their AL Central opponents. Remember back earlier in the year when it seemed like the Royals couldn’t buy a win within the division? Eight consecutive wins, all against division rivals can chase that problem away. In their current eight game winning streak, the Royals […]