Photo credit: Jake Roth, USA Today Sports

Speed thrills: Mondesi’s thievery accelerates second half breakthrough

The stolen base just isn’t sexy anymore. As the launch angle revolution has taken root and baseball has evolved into a game more about hitting dingers and less about keeping the line moving, larceny on the bases has seemingly fallen out of favor. That doesn’t mean the steal still doesn’t have it’s place in the […]

Lucas Duda

Roster math enters advanced trigonometry phase

With the dawn of September baseball peeking over the horizon along with the Omaha Storm Chasers formally eliminated from postseason consideration on Tuesday night, thoughts may turn to those who could soon join the big league club. As you’re daydreaming of expanded rosters, keep in mind the Royals have been judicious in the past with […]

Salvador Perez

Swingin’ Sal Earns the Sombrero

The day to day grind of following an awful baseball team can be punctuated by moments of wonder. While Sunday’s squandering of a 6-0 lead won’t challenge a particular ninth inning collapse against the Cleveland Indians in bottom feeding Royals immortality, it does provide one of those instances where disaster feels so unexpected, yet at […]