When the Twins Beat Your Team Up (BP Kansas City Episode 51)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2017/04/07/when-the-twins-beat-your-team-up-bp-kansas-city-episode-51.mp3 Hey! The Royals opened their season in Minnesota, ready to start their last year in The Window and get back to the playoffs! Then the Twins – the Twins! – mopped the floor with them. We did our best to pick out a couple of bright spots, but we did have to cover the […]


Speed Bump

With the transition from PITCHF/x to Trackman on collecting pitching data at all 30 ballparks, the early returns are the velocities are up a tick across the board. This is largely due to the method (meaning the timing of when the ball is picked up by the radar gun out of the hand of the […]

Ian Kennedy, Kansas City Royals

Royals’ Rotation Should Pile Up The Strikeouts

If you’ve paid any attention at all to the Royals’ spring training games, you’ve probably noticed that this team appears to have more power hitters than any recent edition we’ve seen here in Kansas City. Our own Craig Brown discussed that even before the start of spring training, and the numbers so far bear it out. […]


Dominant Duffy At The WBC

Some quick and mostly random World Baseball Classic thoughts as we reach the midpoint of the spring training schedule. — It’s not spring training related necessarily, although the World Baseball Classic is an exhibition, but Danny Duffy looked outstanding on Sunday night. Sure, the Canadian lineup isn’t on par with what they have on Team […]