Apr 12, 2018; Cleveland, OH, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Michael Fulmer (32) delivers i the first inning against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Series Preview: Royals at Detroit Tigers, April 20-22

The Royals get to take on one of their fellow basement dwellers this weekend in what’s become a four-game set due to the postponement from a couple weeks ago. Of course, the Royals will really have to do some winning this series in order to actually be on the same level as the Tigers, who […]

Friday Notes New

Friday Notes

I’ve thought quite a bit about Buddy Bell over the first three weeks of the season and his famous quote about never saying it can’t get worse. Somehow, it just keeps getting worse for the Royals bullpen. At this point, something is going to have to change, and some of it might just come naturally […]

Butera 2018

Not The Worst

The Kansas City Royals scored ten (10) runs on Monday night. All the world’s problems are now solved. Well, not really, and certainly not when it comes to the Royals’ offense. This is still a collection of bats that managed just nine runs in the six games leading up to Tuesday’s explosion and is still a […]