Kansas City Royals Danny Duffy

Champions of the Changeup

The Kansas City Royals offense has been dreadful. There, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about something more fun, like the Kansas City Royals starting rotation. It’s been extremely undreadful. They lead all of baseball in ERA, and the last time a Royals starter allowed more than one run was nine days […]

Friday Notes

Friday Notes

If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Jason Vargas has struck you out. Seriously, though, what an outing by him the other night. He just keeps doing it. I wrote last week about how he’s someone who I perpetually overlook and I’m wrong about. I’m just hoping he can keep it up because this offense […]


Returning to a Dominant Bullpen

For those out there in the world who, for reasons unknown, took the Royals’ being a winning team the last four years personally, there is apparently no sample size too small for them to crow about this year’s team not being good. Whether the Royals are a 75-win team or a 91-win (gasp! 91!!?) team […]

Jason Vargas

Underachieving Overachievers

The Kansas City Royals have six wins and seven losses through 13 games. That record indicates that this team has been thoroughly mediocre through the first eight percent or so of its schedule. And as a team, the end result has been mediocre, but how they’re getting there can leave fans wondering if they should […]

Friday Notes

Friday Notes

One of the beauties of baseball season is how long “it’s early.” At some point, things flip and everything that’s happening has relevance, but that moment sort of catches everyone off guard. All discussions begin with “It’s early, but…” until they don’t. I say this to remind everyone that it’s early, but the returns on […]