Trevor Cahill

2017 Royals Trade Targets: Starting Pitchers

Yes, folks, the Royals are 44-43 and right in the thick of the playoff race. Instead of digging through other team’s farm systems, it looks like we’ll be digging through other team’s big league rosters to see where the Royals can improve. By my count, I see three places the Royals are targeting to upgrade. One […]


Moose Power

As the Royals swept through Seattle, they did it in a very New Royals sort of way. For sure, there was some quality pitching in the mix. Vargas’ rough start aside, they got a pair of good starts from Ian Kennedy and a semi-rehabbing Danny Duffy. The bullpen was nails, throwing 10.2 innings and allowing […]


Trade Winds

With general manager Dayton Moore on the brief road trip to Detroit, he’s making the rounds speaking to the media. Naturally, the hot topic du jour is the trade deadline looming about a month from now. Will the Royals sell? Is it possible they’ll buy? You know what they say about making trade deadline assumptions […]