Oh Player, Some Day We’ll Get It Together (BP KC Episode 55)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2017/05/05/oh-player-some-day-well-get-it-together-bp-kc-episode-55.mp3 Well, there are signs of some life on the Royals, but they’re still digging their way out of early season slumps and futility. We discussed some of the recent bright spots, like an Eric Hosmer hitting streak and Jorge Soler’s performance in Triple-A (and pending recall from a rehab assignment). We talked about Lorenzo […]

Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas

Trading Places

After another tough weekend for the Royals, the question seems to be more of a when than an if they’ll be unloading their key free agents. Sitting at 7-16 and drifting farther out of the playoff picture at a far quicker rate than anyone expected, the organization will face some tough questions. As you know, Lorenzo […]

Friday Notes

Friday Notes

You know, in a way I don’t want the baseball season to end because I obviously love baseball. I wouldn’t be writing here and on Twitter and all that talking baseball if I didn’t. I’d be in favor of a 45-game World Series this season just to keep the game rolling for as long as […]


Playoff Deja Vu (BP Kansas City Episode 29)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2016/10/13/playoff-deja-vu-bp-kansas-city-episode-29.mp3 The Cubs’ win over the Giants in Game 4 felt…familiar. So on the one year anniversary of the Royals’ comeback win over the Astros, Jeff and Mike reminisced a bit about Royals comebacks, added a little about bullpen usage, and really just shot the breeze about interesting playoff matchups. We also borrowed a question […]


Let’s Review (BP Kansas City Episode 28)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2016/10/06/lets-review-bp-kansas-city-episode-28.mp3 After the Royals finished 81-81, Jeff and Mike reflected on the season and its frustrations, its high points, and what we take away from 2016. In the second segment, we reviewed our preseason predictions and held ourselves accountable for our bad calls and celebrated the correct ones. Follow the Vault at @KCBaseballVault. Follow host […]

Jarrod Dyson, Kansas City Royals

The Royals Rediscovered Their Aggressiveness on the Bases

Since the Royals resurgence began in 2013, they’ve earned a reputation as a team with speed. Between the 2013-2015 seasons, the Royals stole 410 bases, which led all of baseball. The second-highest total belonged to the Rangers, with 355. Among the 90 team seasons during that time frame, the Royals own the top two totals, […]


The Plot Thickens – BP Kansas City Episode 23

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2016/09/01/the-plot-thickens–bp-kansas-city-episode-23.mp3 The Royals had one of their best months ever in August and it put them back in the hunt for a playoff spot. They still need a lot to go their way, though, and we looked at the scenarios, from a crowded wild card picture to a still-possible division title. September might be epic […]