So You Got Swept By the Reds… (BP Kansas City Episode 104)

So your team just got shut out by the Reds. They’ve scored 23 runs in two weeks. What the heck do you do?

Well, you look at a few positives, mostly some good performances from Ian Kennedy, Jason Hammel, and Danny Duffy. We talked about some of those starts, plus we assessed the Mike Moustakas trade market (even though Dayton Moore says they won’t trade him just to trade him *wink*), and the imminent return of Jorge Bonifacio.

We also discussed the Royals quick signing of a majority of their 2018 draft picks as well as their unsigned players and the remaining draft pool. We also talked about the significance of the last two changes to the draft pick signing deadlines and how a couple of Royals prospects have benefitted. We also took a look at the Royals minor leaguers who have been named All Stars in their league so far.

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