Diamonds in the Rough 6-22-17

The minor league games ended Thursday with a 3-4 record for the Royals affiliates. HR Roll Call: Cam Gallagher (4), Chase Vallot (8), Gabe Cancel (6), Marten Gasparini (6), Ricky Aracena (2), Michael Gigliotti 2 (1,2), Dennicher Carrasco (1) BPKC Hitter of the Day: Gabe Cancel 3-4, 2R, HR, 2-2b, 2 RBI BPKC Pitcher of […]

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It’s Never Too Early to Discuss the Draft, Michael Gigliotti Edition

The announcement of Danny Duffy’s contract on Monday has positioned the Royals in decent shape going forward in terms of their pitching rotation, having Yordano Ventura, Duffy and possibly Ian Kennedy inked through 2020. With three-fifths of the rotation in place, the Royals hopefully can develop the last one or two pieces to keep future cost down. […]