MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Kansas City Royals

RECAP: Royals 0, Angels 13; Free Fallin’

Have you been holding out hope the Royals could recover from their mediocrity to rally for a playoff spot? Holding on to that glimmer of hope that somehow, some way, Royals Devil Magic could conjure up another miracle?

Tuesday night didn’t just end those hopes. It clubbed it over the head, set it on fire and pushed it off the ledge.

RIP 2016.

It was a good – no, it was a great – run. All things must pass, and this game will serve as the epitaph for the 2016 season.

At least that’s how it feels at this moment. Three hits. No runs. A commendable effort from 5th (or is it 6th) starter Dillon Gee, but the way the Royals offense is wheezing, the performance from the starting pitcher really doesn’t matter. Seriously. One run allowed or ten runs, it makes no difference.

And you forgot what a tailspin looked like.

The Arrival Of Raul

A little bit of excitement in the afternoon when the Royals announced they called up their top prospect, Raul Mondesi. Mondesi took a hard luck error on his first defensive play of his career. That feels very 2006 Royals, doesn’t it? But like that team, there’s no where to go but up. For real, Mondesi’s defense is legit. He’s super smooth in the middle infield with plus range and a plus arm. The Royals positioned this move as a potential “spark” for a scuffling team. It’s more like an audition for 2017. He can either fill the spot at second base, or if the Royals decide to move on from Alcides Escobar, shortstop.

This is the Royals Way of breaking in prospects. They did the same thing with Salvador Perez, Eric Hosmer, and Mike Moustakas. Bring up the important minor leaguers midway through a lost season and allow them to get acclimated to the big league life. That way, they’ll get a full year without the learning curve.

Gee, Young, Wang, Butera

Get your mind out of the gutter. The point here is when you see this trio in the box score, you know it’s been a forgettable night for the Royals. Combined, these three allowed 21 hits, the high-water mark for the Royals in a game this year. By five. And the most hits allowed by the Royals in three seasons.

It’s actually insulting to Drew Butera to have his name in the header.

Here’s your list of Royals games where the team surrendered more than 22 hits.

Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt IP H
1 2013-09-06 KCR DET L 2-16 9.0 26
2 2006-08-06 KCR MIN L 5-11 9.0 22
3 2005-07-25 KCR CHW L 6-14 9.0 22
4 2004-08-25 KCR ANA L 6-21 8.0 22
5 2004-05-27 KCR DET L 7-17 9.0 27
6 2003-06-19 KCR MIN L 2-16 9.0 23
7 2003-05-16 KCR TOR L 1-18 9.0 22
8 2000-07-03 KCR CHW L 10-14 9.0 22
9 2000-05-11 KCR CLE L 0-16 8.0 22
10 1999-06-06 KCR CIN L 3-14 9.0 22
11 1998-07-17 KCR SEA L 5-18 8.0 22
12 1984-07-03 KCR CLE L 3-15 8.0 23
13 1972-08-27 (2) KCR NYY L 8-9 15.1 26
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 7/26/2016.

Amazingly, they are now 0-14 in those games.

Open For Business

Any delusion one may have had about the Royals being buyers at the deadline should have been washed away after Tuesday. As we’ve said on this site, selling doesn’t signify rebuild. Rather, it’s an opportunity to position the team for another run in 2017. With some savvy moves, health, and some good fortune, the 2016 season will be remembered as a speed bump.


Up Next

The homestand comes to a merciful end with Danny Duffy on the mound. He’s the one starter worth watching these days, so hopefully he can send the team off on a good note. Game time is at 7:15.


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