Eric Hosmer

It’s Bonus Time

There’s only a few games left in the 2016 season, which means it’s time to look to see how much extra money the Royals are going to pay to players for their performance. That’s right. It’s bonus time. Some guys get clauses in their contracts for games played, some for days on the roster and others for being selected to play in an exhibition game in the middle of the season. Last year, the Royals doled out quite a bit, so let’s see how they’re looking in that respect this season.

All bonus numbers are based on Cot’s Baseball Contracts.

Kendrys Morales

Morales receives a bonus of $50,000 for 375 plate appearances and then $100,000 each for 400, 425, 450, 475, 500, 525 and 550 PA. He has reached all those thresholds, which means he’ll receive an additional $750,000 on top of his $9 million salary.

Eric Hosmer

He made the All-Star team. You might remember he won the MVP award for that game. He gets $50,000 for that and he could make an additional $50,000 more for winning yet another Gold Glove. My guess is he does win that because the incumbent always seems to have the edge, which puts his total bonus at $50,000 for now, but likely moving to $100,000. He also gets a $100,000 bonus for winning the AL MVP. I think the Royals are safe.

Wade Davis

He also made the All-Star team in spite of not playing in the game. That won’t stop him from collecting his additional $25,000.

Joakim Soria

Soria is scheduled to receive $200,000 for 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 games finished. He won’t reach any of those. He also has bonuses for innings pitched that he won’t reach, so he’ll receive an additional $0 in bonuses this year. I’m sure that’s at least somewhat satisfying.

Luke Hochevar

It’s vague what his bonus is for, but he receives $500,000 for performance as a relief pitcher, non-closer. He pitched half the season and was good for like 40 percent of that. I’m not sure if he’ll receive any of this. We’ll err on the side of zero, but know that he might get a little extra green when the season is over.

Kris Medlen

He could earn an additional $6 million this season. He didn’t.

Alcides Escobar

In his deal, he has a clause for a $50,000 bonus if he makes the All-Star team. He found his schedule open on July 12, so he also finds his wallet $50,000 lighter than if he had made the team.

Chris Young

He receives a roster bonus for 90 and 120 days on the roster. That bonus is $125,000 each, which means he’s earned an additional $250,000 this season. And it’s kind of the best way to describe his season. He’s here.

Danny Duffy

He’s an All-Star in our hearts and if the team was selected after the season, but it’s not and he didn’t. Duffy does not receive a $50,000 bonus.

Kelvin Herrera

For the second straight year, Herrera was an All-Star, which means he gets to add $50,000 to his bank account. Congratulations, Kelvin.

Dillon Gee

So this one is pretty interesting. Gee can earn up to $1.55 million based on games started this season. He gets $50,000 for 15 games started, $75,000 for 16-20, $100,000 for 21-25 and $125,000 for 26-30 games started. He’s started 14, and it looks like he’s now the piggyback for Jason Vargas. Curious. But fear not, those who rely on Gee’s earnings, he gets bonuses for innings as well.

60, 70 IP: $50,000
80, 90 IP: $75,000
100, 110 IP: $100,000
120, 130 IP: $125,000
140, 150 IP: $150,000
160, 170 IP: $175,000
180, 190 IP: $200,000

He’s thrown 119.2 innings so far this season, so I think he’s a lock to get to 120, but if he doesn’t, this gets a little more curious. Let’s say he does get there. That’s $575,000 in bonuses for Gee. He might even be able to add another $125,000.

Mike Minor

Hahahahaha, he didn’t get any of his roster bonsues.

Tim Collins

Sadly, Collins just missed out on making the All-Star team, so he just missed out on his bonus.

Drew Butera

Butera was also just on the cusp of the midsummer classic, but didn’t make it, so no bonus for him either.

So in total, assuming Gee pitches another 0.1 innings this season, the Royals have doled out $1.7 million in bonuses with the potential for another $175,000 to come if Gee can get to 130 innings and Hosmer can win another Gold Glove. If you were wondering, that’s 1.3 percent of the Royals reported Opening Day payroll.

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