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Second Annual BP Kansas City MLB Predictions

It’s Opening Day, which means it’s time for BP Kansas City to predict the future. Below, you can see our picks for all the divisions, the Wild Card winners, the league champions and, ultimately, the World Series winners. Oh yeah, and we’ve got some bold predictions, or hot takes if you will, about your Kansas City Royals. Please bookmark this post for reference to praise us as the season comes to a close, but, as always, if these predictions turn out to be wildly incorrect, never speak of them again.

BP predictions

Hot Takes

Craig – Jorge Soler will spend more time on the disabled list than the active roster.

Mike – The team’s combined HR record will fall. I’ll also say that the Royals throw their first no-hitter since 1991 in 2017. It’ll probably be Vargas because you can’t predict ball.

Clark – Raul Mondesi’s WARP is above 2.5 at year’s end. That prediction comes straight out of the basement.

Jeff – Jason Vargas will have an ERA below 4.00.

David – After a rocky first season back with the Royals, Joakim Soria rediscovers his slider and posts an ERA under 3.00 along with a DRA under 3.00 as well as a strikeout per inning and a walk rate below three per nine.

Hunter – Three Royals will end the year with at least 30 home runs: Brandon Moss, Mike Moustakas, and Eric Hosmer.

Clint – Royals beat the AL league average in HR for the first time since 1977. That’s also the only time they’ve beaten it.

Darin – 25 pounds lighter, Salvador Perez has the best year of his career, hitting .295/.335/.470 with 25 home runs. He is again an All-Star, Gold Glove winner, and finishes in the top 10 of the MVP vote.

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