Memories (BP Kansas City Episode 73) This week was pretty simple. In this episode, we say goodbye to the foursome of Alcides Escobar, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, and Eric Hosmer, sharing our memories of their play, key moments, and what they meant to the last era of Royals baseball. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and BlogTalkRadio. You can also […]

That Week Was Not Nice (BP Kansas City Episode 69) That was…not a good week. The Royals got crushed by Cleveland and also went through an epic (and almost historic) scoring drought. And then Danny Duffy got into trouble. So, we try to pick up the pieces this week. We discuss Duffy’s DUI and how we’re processing it. We discuss the futility of the […]

Injuries and Bullpen Shakeups (BP Kansas City Episode 68) The Royals didn’t take advantage of a matchup with Cleveland but they haven’t really lost ground on the teams in the wild card race. Despite injuries, their September schedule will give them a shot at the playoffs, but they’re going to have to take charge themselves, rather than expect the league to help them […]

Stayin’ Alive (BP Kansas City Episode 67) The Royals haven’t played very well in August, but they’re hanging on. Despite their struggles, they’re still in view of a path to the playoffs and the next two weeks will shape their destiny. With half their games against Cleveland and a series against Wild Card contender Tampa Bay, the Royals will have a […]

Mood Swings (BP Kansas City Episode 66) The Royals have been on the Royalcoaster in the second half and while they’re still in the playoff hunt, there’s a lot going on to toy with all of our emotions. We got caught up and discussed the two trades the Royals made to bulk up their roster, as well as the other roster […]

Buy or Sell? (BP Kansas City Episode 65) The Royals have opened the second half in a pretty poor way, but they’re still a good week from jumping ahead of Cleveland. Still, with the way things go, should they sell? Should they buy? We look at the recent trade deadline deals to try to decipher what the Royals might expect if they […]

Reviewing First Half Predictions (BP Kansas City Episode 64) In this week’s episode, we went back and reviewed our over/under predictions that we made last March to see what we’ve gotten right and wrong so far this season. We also discussed some recent pitching news, reviewed some All-Star Game info, and talked about what needs the Royals may have for the second half […]

Full Speed Ahead (BP Kansas City Episode 63) This week, we marveled at the homerun hitting power of Mike Moustakas and the All-Star invitations given to Sal Perez and Jason Vargas. Then there’s that little matter of the Royals jumping into a wild card spot and being within a game and a half of first place. Oh, also Danny Duffy returned a […]

Moves on Moves (BP Kansas City Episode 62) The Royals were busy this week, going above .500, going back under .500, and shifting guys around. We discussed Danny Duffy’s rehab start and his timeline to return. We discussed Nate Karns going to the 60-day disabled list. We discussed Jorge Soler coming up while Cheslor Cuthbert went on the DL and we discussed […]

Let’s Get Crazy (BP Kansas City Episode 61) Hours after Salvador Perez hit a game-winning grand slam against Boston, Jeff and Mike talked about the Royals’ improved play since the start of May and if it’s too crazy to buy into a potential playoff run. We discussed home run paces, the next couple months of schedules, and how weird and fun it […]