Remembering Yordano (BP Kansas City Episode 43) In this episode, we simply reflect on the life and career of Yordano Ventura in light of his tragic death at the age of 25. We’ll be back to business as usual next week, but for now, we wanted to share our thoughts about the tragedy in hopes that it helps others remember. Follow […]

Shaking Up The Band (BP Kansas City Episode 41) So after a pretty quiet offseason, the Royals started to make a few moves. In the last week, the big move was trading longtime Royal Jarrod Dyson to Seattle for right-handed pitcher Nathan Karns. As a fan, it’s a tough move because Dyson has been in the organization so long and has had so […]

Small Moves, Big Impact? (BP Kansas City Episode 40) The Royals were a little busier over the last week, reportedly signing pitchers Bobby Parnell and Jonathan Sanchez – yes, that Jonathan Sanchez – to minor league deals. Then they traded a minor league pitcher for catcher-turned-outfielder-slash-likely DH Peter O’Brien. We talked about how likely any of these moves are to impact the 2017 […]

Deck the Halls (of Fame) – (BP KC Episode 39)–bp-kc-episode-39.mp3 While the hot stove cools off for the holidays, the baseball world seems preoccupied with Hall of Fame ballots. So we discussed our views on baseball’s Hall of Fame and who on this year’s ballot deserves to make it and how we’d vote. In our second segment, we pivoted to discuss the Royals Hall […]

How Do You Spell Relief? (BP KC Episode 38) The rumor mill has stopped churning out tidbits for now, so Jeff and Mike made a wishlist of three relievers each who they’d like to see the Royals go after this offseason. We weighed some pros and cons for each and wondered if the payroll freed up by the Wade Davis trade would allow […]

The CBA and You (BP KC Episode 36) Baseball avoided another work stoppage and agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, and while it’s not dramatically different, there are notable differences from the system you may have gotten used to over the past five years of the current agreement. So we covered those details and ins and outs, and related them to […]

The DH and a Glance at Dayton Moore’s Offseason Record (BP KC Episode 34) Since Kendrys Morales signed with Toronto, we talked about how the Royals might fill the DH spot and if they can find the same production by rotating the players they have now…or if they need to go to the market to find a DH. We also talked about some prospect rankings, Dayton Moore’s first […]

Options and Showcases … and Some Politics (BP Kansas City Episode 33) Disclaimer: We ended up talking a bit about the Election, so if you want to skip right to the baseball, jump to the 45 minute mark. We didn’t exactly hold back, so if you’re oversaturated with it, feel free to skip this week. The Royals made some decisions on mutual options and other contract […]

Bullpens, Bargaining, Battlestar Galactica (BP Kansas City Episode 32) The 2016 baseball season is over. The Royals have handed over their crown. So now, it’s time to look at the offseason. First, we talked about the evolution of bullpens and if we think the usage of Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, et al signal a new approach to watch for in 2017, or if […]

Comparing the Champs with Curt Nelson (BP Kansas City Episode 31) In this episode, we’re sharing some insight from Curt Nelson, Director of the Royals Hall of Fame. Nelson talked with us about Alex Gordon’s impact on the franchise, as well as the greatest Royals playoff moments, retiring numbers of Royals greats, and a comparison of the 1985 and 2015 World Series Championship teams. Follow […]