Wade Davis

Wake Me Up When September Begins

I’m not actually going to sleep all day or anything, but September has a chance to be a really fun month for the Royals. For one thing, you may have heard that they’re actually in the race, so rather than watching prospects prepare for the 2017 season, the final month is going to matter for […]


Diamonds in the Rough 7-3-16

The affiliates went 5-3 with rookie league Burlington expanding their win streak to seven games. HR Roll Call Bubba Starling (6), Orlando Calixte (5), Balbino Fuenmayor (3), Ryan O’Hearn (15), Frank Schwindel (13), Samir Duenez (8), Travis Maezes (8), Roman Collins (1), Manny Olloque (2), David Edwards (2), Ryan Dale (2), Leland Clemmons (1), Luke […]