Jorge Soler

Soler’s Redo

A little over a year ago, the Royals agreed to a deal with the Cubs to send them Wade Davis in exchange for Jorge Soler. The return was underwhelming at the time after what we saw relievers were traded for during the 2016 season, but I thought that in terms of pure value, it could […]

Royals Win the World Series

The Dynasty That Wasn’t?

Here we are, at the end of the Royals’ championship window for this group of players. I know, the Royals have made some noise about re-signing their impending free agents, but I’ll believe that when I see it. Odds are, the key players are going to be too expensive, and at any rate there is […]


How Do You Spell Relief? (BP KC Episode 38) The rumor mill has stopped churning out tidbits for now, so Jeff and Mike made a wishlist of three relievers each who they’d like to see the Royals go after this offseason. We weighed some pros and cons for each and wondered if the payroll freed up by the Wade Davis trade would allow […]


Hasta La Vista, Wader (BP KC Episode 37) It was hinted and suggested and assumed, and then it was finalized. Wade Davis was traded for Jorge Soler. We discussed the way the market developed, the implications of the move, Soler’s potential, Davis’s history, and where it leaves the Royals. Then we continued to talk about some Jarrod Dyson rumors and his sneaky […]

MLB: World Series-Cleveland Indians at Chicago Cubs

This Is Not The End

To some, trading an All-Star closer for a spare outfielder and to do so with the team that is likely to be the opposing league’s representative in next year’s World Series is a sign of a tear-down. It could be just another indication that, despite the past four seasons, it is business as usual for […]

Wade Davis

The Wade Davis Experience

Wade Davis came to Kansas City enveloped in a cloud of anger. It was hardly his fault. The anger was of a fanbase frustrated with losing and with the trade of top prospect Wil Myers. It was called the James Shields Trade, but really, we should adjust our thought process. Turns out, Davis was the […]