Back In Time – 1974

Unless you are talking trades or prospects, it is hard to get interested in the 2018 Royals. In case you hadn’t noticed, I have been absent from the writing pool for a bit and it mostly stems from this being one of the most dismal of Royals seasons. There was a point in time when […]

Butera 2018

Not The Worst

The Kansas City Royals scored ten (10) runs on Monday night. All the world’s problems are now solved. Well, not really, and certainly not when it comes to the Royals’ offense. This is still a collection of bats that managed just nine runs in the six games leading up to Tuesday’s explosion and is still a […]

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Hello Again, 2018 – The Pitchers

If you caught my column on the current projected look of the 2018 position players, there is a chance your day was a little drearier because of the reading. As Maverick once said, “It’s not good.  It doesn’t look good.” Today, I will continue down the meandering, rubble strewn road to the 2018 season and […]


Say Hello To Your 2018 Kansas City Royals

Until the last few days, there existed some chance that the Royals would re-sign Eric Hosmer and, given the current lack of interest, maybe even Mike Moustakas or possibly Jarrod Dyson. Familiar names, fun names, maybe not logical signings, but interest kindling news. Even in the unlikely event that all three might have returned to […]


Come Together?

Yonder Alonso signed with the Cleveland Indians as their answer to replacing Carlos Santana, who signed with the Phillies. If your interest is entirely Royal-centric, what this means to you is that landing spots for free agent Eric Hosmer continue to dwindle. While entirely accurate, one can almost feel like the Royals are almost going […]


One Game Per Month

I wrote a very similar column last season.  This is the column that comes out when October is going to be the off-season and not the post-season for the Kansas City Royals. Frankly, I wrote something not far from this last week when we explored what keeping Wade Davis might have meant to the 2017 […]


Embrace The Mediocrity

The Royals won last night. They may have lost their closer to injury. It may not matter. I think there is a chance that Fox turned off the cameras before it was revealed that Herrera was just fine. Let’s face it, boys and girls, in a world where the default go to in an argument […]


Merrifield, His Walks and History

Whit Merrifield does not take a walk. He has taken a free pass just 20 times in 436 plate appearances so far this season: just a 4.6 percentwalk rate. Among qualified batters, only 14 players in the majors have walked at a lesser rate than Whit. Two of those 14 are Salvador Perez and Alcides Escobar, […]