One Of The Worst, But Not “The” Worst

Someday, some Royals blogger who fancies himself a historian (pfft, what a loser that guy will be!) will be perusing Baseball Reference and notice that this year’s team put up a strong challenge to be the worst in franchise history. I hope this post will still be floating around the interwebs then, because I’m here […]


10 Things That Have Gone Right For The Royals in 2018

The 2018 Royals are a train wreck. Or perhaps, a dumpster fire occurring on top of a train wreck. This is no secret. But let’s ignore all the many, many negative things that have happened this year and focus on some positives. Yes, there are some. I promise. In no particular order, here are 10 […]

Dayton Moore

Defending Dayton Moore

Full disclosure: sometime in July 2014, I was preparing a blog post for the old Pine Tar Press site. I was planning out my arguments, doing some research, and making mental notes about what I wanted to say: it was time—well past time!—for the Royals to fire Dayton Moore. I was hardly alone in this. […]

Photo credit: Jake Roth, USA Today Sports

If The Royals Can’t Be Good, They Could At Least Be Entertaining

Even with the extremely low expectations I had for this Royals season (my preseason prediction of a 72-90 record looks ridiculous now), this has been a bummer of a year. The boys in blue are on pace for 114 losses. In my defense, even the mothership’s PECOTA preseason projections had them at 66-96. They really […]