Josh Reddick

Trade Candidates: The Position Players

Yesterday, I took a look at the starting pitchers on the trade market who the Royals could look to acquire. I think that’s a bigger need than an outfielder or any other position player, but given that they’re reportedly in the market for both, it’s a good idea to take a look at both sides […]

Credit:	Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Academy – Reymond Fuentes and Royals Rightfield Upside

In today’s game, with the prospect coverage that sites like Baseball Prospectus and others offer, it’s easy to ignore or dismiss a prospect not on a Top 100 list or in a team’s Top 10 ranking. Players typically miss out on these lists because they don’t have those “wow” tools that excite the fans or staff […]

Aaron Hill

An Early Look at Midseason Trade Targets

You may be looking at your calendar wondering why exactly I’m talking about who the Royals might go after midseason. Spring training isn’t over, and now this guy is talking about the trade deadline (which is August 1 this year, by the way since July 31 is a Sunday and games will be going on […]