Remembering the 2002 Royals (BP Kansas City Episode 100)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2018/05/11/remembering-the-2002-royals-bp-kansas-city-episode-100.mp3 This week is pretty special. One hundred episodes ago, we joined up with Baseball Prospectus Kansas City, so to commemorate the occasion, we dove into the vault and dug out some info on another notable 100: the 100-loss 2002 Royals. We discussed the plight of that injury-riddled, pitching-starved, manager-changing team and how it fits […]

Friday Notes New

Friday Notes

You guys want this or Gladiators? This season has basically been a season-long blowout, but as I’ve said before, it’s probably a good thing. If they had started off well and were sitting at, say, 17-14 instead of their miserable 9-22, would we really believe this team was actually any good? Of course not, but […]