RECAP: Royals 4, Braves 2; Worth The Wait

What happens when two inept offenses match up on a Sunday afternoon? If you’re really interested in the answer, you may need professional help. I mean, a low scoring affair was always possible. Even with the Royals going with a starter on a low pitch limit. But when the home nine gets to the ninth inning with a two run lead and a rested Wade Davis on the mound, you figure this one is going to be done and dusted. You would be wrong.

The Royals used nine pitchers. The game went 13 innings. And the worst hitter on the team in the non-Infante division won the game with a walkoff home run.

Boring as hell. Yet bananas.

WPA Play Of The Game

Walkoffs generally spike the ol’ Win Expectancy meter and this one was no exception.

It was a 414 foot blast to straightaway center field that left the bat at 106 mph. Morales, as you are well aware, was due. He’s been due for almost three weeks now. It seems every game he’s driving one to the warning track or hitting one on the nose to a well-positioned fielder. The guy just can’t catch a break. Much has been made of his ineptitude from the left side of the plate as well.

The first home run of the series was the last. How’s that for you small ball freaks?

Human After All

The only reason the above happened was because Wade Davis blew the save. Take a moment to read that sentence again. If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t believe it. Davis surrendered two runs in an inning as a reliever for just the third time as a Royal.

Gnar Start, Braj

It’s possible you forgot about Danny Duffy making his first start of the season. The Duffman shoved. On a limit of around 50 pitches, he went three strong innings, striking out five and retiring eight in a row before issuing back to back walks with two outs in the third.

Plus, he did this.

Opinion is divided about Duffy, but put me in the camp that he should be given every opportunity to start. He certainly has the ability and that’s where his value lies. Not that he’s going to be the ace of the staff, but there’s no reason he can’t be an above average option for a middle of the rotation starter. That’s good stuff.

Peak Escobar

Morales delivered the game-winner, but credit has to go to Alcides Escobar for working a 12-pitch at bat to open the eighth when the Royals picked up what became a necessary insurance run. ┬áIt was Peak Escobar. He didn’t even get to ball two in the count until pitch 10.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.46.48 PM

And how can you now love the fact the single was the ball the furthest off the plate in that at bat?

Peak Escobar originally represented when he reached after swinging at the first pitch of the game. For me, it’s evolved into any kind of insane plate appearance. You know, the kind a decent hitter wouldn’t have. But credit for fouling off so many close pitches and even when he was expanding the strike zone with two strikes.

Up Next

After watching the Braves cold water offense, the Red Sox come to town for a three game set. They’re pretty much the opposite of Atlanta in every way. Runs will be needed. If this doesn’t make you nervous, congratulations for your detachment from Royal reality.

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