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BPKC Minor League Player of the Year

This season was a test for many Royals minor league players, with many getting their first test at new levels, encountering struggles or dealing with injuries. One player’s challenge was to be left behind at the previous level that he had performed at the year prior. Some players may have taken this as a negative, but the […]

Friday Notes

Friday Notes

Woof. On July 30th, the Royals completed their series victory over Boston with a 5-3 win highlighted by Alex Gordon hitting a game-winning RBI triple. The Royals improved to 55-48 and were two games out of the division lead. When we look back on the 2017 season, that might have been the peak. Since then, […]

Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas

Why Hosmer and Moustakas might look elsewhere (other than money)

There are ways the Kansas City Royals could bring back both Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. Unfortunately, with both being Scott Boras clients, they involve David Glass developing the Midas Touch or falling butt-first into a Sorcerer’s Stone. (h/t all Harry Potter nerds) Financially, it’s unlikely to work—had Hosmer continued his dismal early season showing […]


Hot Like Hosmer

Mercy. The Royals have showed none in their recent demolition of their AL Central opponents. Remember back earlier in the year when it seemed like the Royals couldn’t buy a win within the division? Eight consecutive wins, all against division rivals can chase that problem away. In their current eight game winning streak, the Royals […]


Selling Now Would Be A Mistake For Royals

At the beginning of the 2017 season, the Royals went through an offensive funk you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Well, maybe the Yankees. Anyway, the drumbeat began then, increasing in volume with every strikeout, popup, and weak grounder. Sell. Sell. Sellsellsell! After 30 games, the Royals were 10-20 and had scored a grand […]