Jorge Bonifacio

RECAP: This one was special even by Royals standards

That the Royals scored six runs in an inning didn’t just lose—they relinquished the lead in the very next half-inning, before even recording an out—is some real Royals BS, even for the 2018 version of the franchise. The mind fairly reels at the myriad ways Ned Yost’s hapless band has strolled to [checks notes] sweet […]

Salvador Perez

Swingin’ Sal Earns the Sombrero

The day to day grind of following an awful baseball team can be punctuated by moments of wonder. While Sunday’s squandering of a 6-0 lead won’t challenge a particular ninth inning collapse against the Cleveland Indians in bottom feeding Royals immortality, it does provide one of those instances where disaster feels so unexpected, yet at […]

Ned Yost

RECAP: Royals bullpen gives up late runs to complete the sweep

Driving back from an impromptu end-of-summer trip for the second anniversary of my 29th birthday (do the math, kids) I realized something: The Royals hadn’t disappointed me once this weekend. In fact, I had no idea what had happened. I’d been completely off the grid and it was liberating, particularly after zooming through the recaps […]