We Made It: Opening Day (BP Kansas City Episode 94)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2018/03/29/we-made-it-opening-day-bp-kansas-city-episode-94.mp3 That was a long offseason, and finally, after all the contract talks, trades, and other nonsense…the 2018 season begins. Of course, the Royals just learned that they’ll be without Salvador Perez after a torn MCL. The initial timeline is four to six weeks of recovery, so we discussed how the Royals may approach the […]


Talking Offseason Blues

As we have come to be reminded over the last two Octobers, this is the most dreadful time of the baseball year. Unless your team is actually in the postseason. It’s the inertia. The void of meaningful news. We have to keep reminding ourselves that just because there isn’t any information or moves coming from […]