Talking Offseason Blues

As we have come to be reminded over the last two Octobers, this is the most dreadful time of the baseball year. Unless your team is actually in the postseason. It’s the inertia. The void of meaningful news. We have to keep reminding ourselves that just because there isn’t any information or moves coming from […]

Royals Win the World Series

The Dynasty That Wasn’t?

Here we are, at the end of the Royals’ championship window for this group of players. I know, the Royals have made some noise about re-signing their impending free agents, but I’ll believe that when I see it. Odds are, the key players are going to be too expensive, and at any rate there is […]


Mood Swings (BP Kansas City Episode 66) The Royals have been on the Royalcoaster in the second half and while they’re still in the playoff hunt, there’s a lot going on to toy with all of our emotions. We got caught up and discussed the two trades the Royals made to bulk up their roster, as well as the other roster […]

Friday Notes

Friday Notes

We’re 87 games in and have 75 to go in the long, long baseball season. It seems like it’s been about four seasons for the Royals already, but there’s still plenty more to come. Somehow, someway, the Royals find themselves in the thick of the pennant race, just three games out of first and 1.5 […]