Diamonds in the Rough 5-1-18

Commentary I see quite a bit lately that fans are already tiring of watching Jon Jay, Lucas Duda and a few other veterans while asking to see some young guys in their place. I don’t understand that line of thinking as someone who watches the “young guys” every night. Who are you wanting to watch play? […]


Play The Kids

If it were me, Ryan O’Hearn would be the Royal tasked with replacing Eric Hosmer. And while that in itself would be enough to be getting on with if you’re O’Hearn, there’s Nick Pratto nipping at your heels and really, aren’t first basemen the most interchangeable pieces on a baseball chessboard? Isn’t that why Hunter […]

Bill Mitchell (Photo)

Predicting Minor League Breakout Performers.

As we draw closer to spring training what better time to look at the performances of last season and make a prediction for a player at each level to step up his game. Not really based on last year’s numbers as he surprisingly struggled at Triple-A Omaha before a roster crunch sent Ryan O’Hearn to Double-A […]