Adalberto Mondesi

Introducing Your 2021 Kansas City Royals

Hey why not? The season is boring and 2021 seems to be what the front office is pushing for, so let’s have a little fun and see who could be on that roster when the team expects to be contending for division titles again. That’s an interesting year because the White Sox should theoretically be […]


Diamonds in the Rough 8/11-8/12/18

HR Roll Call: Frank Schwindel (21), Paulo Orlando (8), Luis Villegas (5), Alex Liddi (20), Erick Mejia (5), Jackson Lueck (4), Nick Hutchins (5), Tyler James (2), Reed Rohlman (5), Offerman Collado (2)  Saturday BPKC Hitter of the Day: Tyler James 3-4 4R, HR, BB, 2 SB Saturday BPKC Pitcher of the Day: Foster Griffin 6.1 IP […]