Trevor Cahill

2017 Royals Trade Targets: Starting Pitchers

Yes, folks, the Royals are 44-43 and right in the thick of the playoff race. Instead of digging through other team’s farm systems, it looks like we’ll be digging through other team’s big league rosters to see where the Royals can improve. By my count, I see three places the Royals are targeting to upgrade. One […]


Edinson Volquez: Forever Royal

That sweet siren of free agency continues to break up the championship team. It was announced late Monday that Edinson Volquez was the latest Royal from the 2015 World Series title team to exit, taking his talents to South Beach (sorry, that’s a tired phrase) to pitch for the Miami Marlins.  If you want to […]


Feels Like The First Time (BP Kansas City Episode 27) The Royals were officially eliminated from playoff contention this week, so we tried to put the 2016 season in perspective as it approaches its end. In the second segment, Jeff and Mike shared their memories of the first Royals game they attended (or, at least, the game they were old enough to remember going […]

Chris Young

The Royals’ Fifth Starter Problem

It’s never too early to look ahead to the offseason, at least not when your team is below .500 in mid-August. The Royals have lots of things to fix this winter: a popgun offense, a suddenly leaky bullpen, and a subpar rotation. I do think that some of the offensive problems will fix themselves; I […]


The Deadline and Duffy Had a Good Day (BP Kansas City Episode 20) Two weeks ago, we talked about who the Royals might acquire at the trade deadline. Last week, we talked about who they might sell at the deadline. Turns out, after injuries to Luke Hochevar and Wade Davis, the Royals ended up with a pretty quiet deadline. We talked about the factors that lead to […]