Kendrys Morales, Kansas City Royals

RECAP: Royals 16, Tigers 5; Lots of Runs, Lots of Fun

The Royals won their seventh game in their last eight tries, punishing their division foe for the second consecutive night. Offensively, it was an impressive display all around. Whit Merrifield continued his ascent to baseball immortality. Kendrys Morales continued to crawl his way out of a subterranean slump. And the rest of the offense did their […]

Friday Notes

Friday Notes

I’m exhausted. It’s only mid-June and we’ve already been through a 12-6 start, followed by a 3-11 stretch, followed by a 15-5 stretch, followed by an eight game losing streak, followed by the current 5-1 stretch. Add it all up and the recent six games is the difference with the Royals now four games over .500 and […]

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Baltimore Orioles

Sunday on the Deck

So, the Royals got a win on Saturday to ‘up’ their mark to 2-8 over the last ten games.  Cleveland, prior to their game with the Angels last night, did the exact opposite and the two teams essentially swapped places in the Central Division, with Detroit popping themselves into the middle of the fray as […]

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Houston Astros


Swings and roundabouts. Baseball can be such a cruel game to follow. One week, your team is coming back from deficits in three consecutive games, dealing a division rival crushing losses in rapid succession. Then, your team follows that up with a thorough curb-stomping against good competition. Six wins in six games. You’re not necessarily […]


Slumps and Surges and Whit’s a Hit (BP Kansas City Episode 10) A few weeks ago, the pattern was that most of the Royals lineup struggled and one or two players would be productive at a time. Now, though, some of those early struggling players are heating up in a big way and others have stepped up as well. As a result, the starting rotation has […]

Kendrys Morales, Kansas City Royals

The Struggles Of Kendrys Morales

A huge part of the Royals’ offensive struggles this year has been the almost complete disappearance of Kendrys Morales. Coming off a .290/.362/.485 season that seemed to resurrect his career, Morales has been struggling to keep his batting average above .200 this year. His .201/.257/.345 is even worse than the .218/.274/.338 season he suffered in 2014, […]