In Praise Of Jarrod Dyson

You know how I know the Royals are just going through a rough patch and haven’t suddenly completely forgotten how to play baseball? It’s because Jarrod Dyson is still starting, and when Dyson starts, the Royals win. Now you may be looking at your screen quizzically. But Darin, you say, Dyson isn’t a super-important piece […]


Diamonds in the Rough 4-17-16

A 2-2 day on the day for the minor leaguers despite plenty of offense. HR Roll Call – Samir Duenez (1), Ryan O’Hearn (3), Bubba Starling (3), Hunter Dozier, (3), Cheslor Cuthbert (2) BP KC Hitter of the Day – Samir Duenez 4-4 HR (1), 2b (5), 3 RBI (12) SB (5) BP KC Pitcher […]


Diamonds in the Rough 4-15-16

A split 2-2 night by the affiliates. HR Roll Call Raul Mondesi (3), Ryan O’Hearn 1,2, Corey Toups (1), Chaser Vallot (2) BP KC – Hitter of the Day Ryan O’Hearn 2-4 2 HR, 3 RBI BP KC – Pitcher of the Day Jon Dziedzic 7 IP 3 H 0 R 0 BB 6 K […]