Handle With Care (BP Kansas City Episode 16)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2016/07/07/handle-with-care-bp-kansas-city-episode-16.mp3 Right now the Royals are fighting through injuries and inconsistency and it’s got everything feeling pretty fragile. The Royals title defense isn’t going as planned but what is there to be done about it? Who will the Royals turn to in close games while Wade Davis is on the DL? Will they go make […]

Wade Davis

Wade Davis: Human Cyborg

Wade Davis is not a robot. Sorry to start this out with something so controversial, but it’s the truth. If you ask Wade Davis if he’s a robot, he will tell you that he is not. Of course, a robot masquerading as a human would tell you no so you’d believe he wasn’t. Maybe my […]

Wade Davis

Wait to Worry About Wade

The last thing anybody thinks to do when examining the Kansas City Royals is to worry about Wade Davis. Over the last two seasons, he has a 0.97 regular season ERA in 139.1 innings. He’s allowed 71 hits, walked 43 and struck out a whopping 187. So he’s just your run of the mill unhittable […]